COTD Day 24: Coolest hip w/rings

Yet another new carry for day 24, the coolest hip w/rings. I’ve never done the coolest hip carry, with or without rings, so I needed to watch a tutorial or two to get me started.

I could only find one tutorial that uses rings & that was this one…

The tutorial recommended a size 5 wrap & I only have one so I ended up using my Oscha Okinami Skye, as used on day 16 & day 23.

From using a ring sling I know that the amount of space I’d need to get G into is smaller than you initially imagine & making sure you only have the necessary space instantly reduces the need for tightening the carry once baby is in, making the carry easier.

When putting the wrap on it’s important to make sure you have enough fabric through the rings & pinned between your back & the pass which goes over to ensure the rings are secure. Ensuring the pass across your back is well spread, as opposed to bunched, makes sure the carry is more comfortable. I also made sure the pass around the base of my back was slightly spread to help spread the weight there too.

I like how supportive this carry is with the multiple layers & I like how easy it is to tighten. By making sure you put baby in the inside pass first, feeding slack around & then putting baby into the second pass means you can tighten easily without there being little pockets of slack anywhere.

One thing I would say is that I definitely didn’t need a size 5 at all. The tail I had left over actually touched the floor! Even if I’d had more pinned between my back & the pass, I still think a size 5 would have been too long, I think a size 4 would be adequate, possibly even a size 3, but I’ve not tried it out using a shorter size yet.

This carry was really comfortable & one I’ll definitely be doing again in future.


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