COTD Day 23: Knotless ruck w/rings

The knotless ruck with rings is today’s carry & it’s not a carry I’ve done before. Thinking about a knotless ruck I just couldn’t see how it would translate to the introduction of sling rings. I searched YouTube & I couldn’t find a tutorial that used two rings at all so I followed this one. It is in German & I don’t speak German at all so I was just following what she was doing as opposed to what she was saying too!

Today’s wrap is my Oscha Okinami Skye, size 5. This is the same wrap I used on day 16 & it is 100% cotton.

This carry isn’t particularly uncomfortable but it isn’t particularly comfortable either & I’m not entirely sure why you would use this way of finishing as opposed to a regular knotless finish, particularly as it requires a longer wrap. I think it’s similar to the mermaid carry in that, for me, it seems a case of form over function.

If I’m honest, I don’t think I’ll be repeating this carry any time soon, I don’t think it has anything over other carries I’ve learnt to make me go for this one, especially as it’s only a single pass carry with a size 5 wrap & I could do much more supportive carries, with multiple masses with my size 5s.


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