REVIEW: Woven Wings Leaf Gold Geo

Woven Wings is a relatively new wrap company based in the UK. I first came across them when I had a play with a travelling tester at the Sheffield Slings Playtime meet back in October & that was the Blush Geo (100% cotton) reviewed here by Rosie of Sheffield Sling Surgery. I loved it, especially the pattern, but the colour just really wasn’t me. I found Woven Wings on facebook & saw that there was a Mint Geo which has been travelling, I had a look at the wraps that were going to be available in the pre-order & was gutted to find that the mint colourway wasn’t planned for the first pre-order so I decided I would wait until the Mint was going to be woven as none of the other colours appeared very ‘me’ and I’m a bit scared of wool because of the itch factor!

Woven Wing Mint Geo (Photo courtesy of Rosie, Sheffield Sling Surgery)

Woven Wings Mint Geo (Photo courtesy of Rosie, Sheffield Sling Surgery)

The next time our paths crossed was when Rosie told me she had the Mint Geo (20% linen & 80% egyptian cotton) coming to live with her. I was really excited to see & try this wrap in person, so much so that we went to have a play on Christmas Eve! Rosie has done a fab review of the Mint Geo here, along with the Leaf Gold Geo & the Light Feathers. This was something else compared to the Blush Geo I had tried in October. It was so light, so easy to wrap with, so smooth. It is much thinner than the other linen blend I have in my collection (Firespiral Starmap which doesn’t feel at all like linen) but it isn’t at all diggy & confirmed that this is a wrap I really hope is woven for release.

Rosie then told me that there were two more testers travelling to the Sheffield Sling Surgery, the Leaf Gold Geo & the Light Feathers. Both of which are 27% merino & 73% egyptian cotton. Wool. The one wrap blend that I’m really not a fan of. I’ve only found one wool-blend wrap to date that I’ve been able to wear & I even had to wear that with long sleeves as it would itch if I wore it for too long. So when I went to the Playtime meet I really didn’t expect what I found & I didn’t even get to wrap with the feathers as I was far too distracted by the Leaf Gold Geo!


The first thing I noticed was how it felt. Oh. My. Goodness. I have never felt anything like it. I thought the Blush Geo was special. Then I fell in love with the Mint Geo. I really do feel like its a case of good things come to those who wait because there is something unbelieveably special about this wrap. It is so soft & so cuddly. It feels so thick & cushy yet so light at the same time. And as for that wooly itch I was so afraid of, it just wasnt there. I would have no worries wrapping this over my or G’s bare skin because there was no itch there whatsoever. The finish is perfect too & no loose threads in the hems which are impeccably sewn.


The next thing I noticed was the colour, its a really beautiful blend of colours. There is the white & then there is a combination of mustard & olive which doesn’t lean as yellow as I’d expected. I loved it. When I’d seen it in pictures before when I was looking at the pre-order, it didn’t grab me but maybe that was down to me dismissing the blend straight away.

So. The big question. How does it wrap? My honest answer? Like a dream. It is smooth to wrap with & the passes move with ease but once in place my carries felt nice & secure. It has a wonderful amount of stretch & bounce, it is cushy beyond belief. I did worry, because it is wool, that we might get too warm as we both have a tendency to overheat quite quickly but I wore G for over an hour, inside at our busiest meet, with no problems at all (COTD Day 13). I did notice it wasn’t as wide as some of my other wraps which meant I had to take care making sure I had a good seat, however this is a small price to pay for such a wonderful wrap.

R said that even though he was wrapping quite possibly the wriggliest G in the world when we were taking these pictures, he felt the wrap was really comfortable & secure, he’d never have known it was wool unless I’d told him & it was one of the favourites he’s tried.

This is a beautiful wrap, in not only appearance & feel but wrapping qualities too, no worries about style over substance with this wrap at all. It is clear that a great deal of love, care & attention has gone in at every level of the creation of these wraps. I just hope I’m able to get one when any remaining wraps from the pre-order are listed for sale!




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