COTD Day 22: DRS2S

Day 22, carry 22 & it’s the DRS2S, double rebozo shoulder to shoulder. Another new carry that I’d heard of but never attempted or watched a tutorial for so I did the usual, hopped over to youtube & this was the tutorial I used…

I opted to use my size 4, Kokadi Diorite Stars which is a 100% cotton wrap that I have also used on day 2 & day 8.

Having watched the tutorial I figured that this looked a fairly simple carry & the half knot that is tied after the first rebozo pass was going to make it a good carry for those days where G is a bit of a wriggler as it almost means you can do the carry in two or three parts depending on how you finish it. I was right in some respects but oh so wrong in others!

The half knot is a good rest point in the carry but I didn’t find it a simple carry at all. I was doing great until it came to finishing with the second rebozo, when it just didn’t seem simple at all.

I couldn’t seem to get it tied off or the chestbelt even without G slipping down my back or me losing tension in places. I had a couple of attempts before I walked to the shops & back in the attempt I photographed but I still wasn’t 100% happy with it. I just didn’t seem to sit comfortably & seemed to sag quite a bit but I’m guessing that’s more to do with the loss of tension.

I can imagine that if you can get this carry right it is quite supportive & comfortable but I just can’t seem to get it right. So this is another carry that I’m determined won’t beat me, it’ll take more practice to get right & I’ll probably have carries I much prefer but I’ll get it right some day.


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