COTD Day 21: DH

Day 21 & a carry that I’ve done quite a few times before, the DH, double hammock. It was the first back carry I tried after the basic ruck.


First ever double hammock!

There are a few tutorials I’ve used in the past but this has been one of the most helpful as it has a lot of hints & tips on getting a nice, tight carry in it…

I can do this one with a long size 5 but today I was wrapping over my coat as well as G’s big, fleecy coat so opted for a size 6 just to make sure I had enough length to do the full carry, leg passes & all. The wrap I used is Oscha‘s Japanese Knot Ooki Juliet, size 6, which is a 100% cotton wrap. It wraps beautifully as well as being lovely & soft, a winner in our book!

I was glad today’s carry was a multiple pass, back carry as I’d arranged to go for a walk around a local park with a friend so it was the perfect opportunity to give it a good test! These pictures are taken after our walk. It stood up to a fair bit of wiggling from G, I was certainly glad of the leg passes by the end of our walk. He stayed nice & high, no sagging & even though he took his arm out to point at the geese & a bird in the sky it stayed snug. It was really comfortable, my only complaint was that the passes over my shoulders slipped a little but this could have been rectified by finishing slightly differently, using a knotless or Tibetan finish for example.


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