COTD Day 20: Taiwanese

Day 20 & the carry of the day is the Taiwanese. This one was one I hadn’t even heard of before & I was quite daunted when I looked at the pictures on Babywearing FSOT so YouTube was definitely required. The tutorial is found was really helpful…

I discovered from the tutorial that the carry isn’t as complex as it first appeared to me although it does require a size 7 wrap, according to the tutorial, which can be daunting in itself for some people. The wrap I used was my Girasol Northern Lights, the same wrap as day 5 & a 100% cotton wrap. I could possibly have got away with a long size 6 & I might give it a go just to check but the size 7 certainly didn’t feel too long by any means.

Once I’d got my head around how the carry is put together, I got started & I discovered that it really isn’t that complicated at all, I even did it in the dark, outside, with no mirrors to help me out!

I did have a loose bit over one of my shoulders but I spread the passes over my shoulders & the slack didn’t cause me any problems at all, I think it came from me moving my shoulder quite a bit when I was getting the passes in place.

This carry is really comfortable & the weight felt like it was spread nice & evenly. I loved how it showed off all the different stripes of my rainbow wrap too. I don’t use a size 7 wrap very often but I think this carry could be one to convince me to use one more often!


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