COTD Day 19: Christina’s Ruckless

Day 19 & yet another new carry for me to try out, Christina’s Ruckless. This is a back carry & I had heard of it but never seen or tried it so did my usual & hopped over to YouTube to hunt down a tutorial…

Today’s wrap is one of our favourites, the Natibaby Gears Royal in a size 6. It came to us from a lovely mama through Babywearing FSOT & is probably never going to leave us, ever. It is a blend of 50% cotton & 50% bamboo viscose making it beautifully soft, smooth but also quite slippy so it is important to do a really good wrap job to prevent any slipping or sagging.

I liked the sound of a ‘ruckless’ carry as I wondered if it would reduce the risk of the carry becoming diggy around the neck & shoulders so I was curious as to how this one would turn out. The tip given at the start of the tutorial is very important, you need to keep everything tight otherwise it does have a tendency to slide up & threaten to choke you! I compensated for the slack a little by pulling the wrap over my shoulders which helped but I could have done with getting things a bit tighter all round.

It’s another multiple pass carry so nice & supportive. I do like the ruckless element but I definitely have carries I prefer as I found this one difficult to keep tension in at times meaning the passes had a tendency to slip up my chest & into my throat. That said, I like the fact that it has two rebozo passes as well as a horizontal pass & leg passes so it’s not only supportive but secure too! I think with a little more practice, & possibly a slightly less slippy wrap, I might be find this carry a little easier to do keep tension & complete.


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