COTD Day 18: Poppins

Poppins. A hip carry & yet another new carry at that. I tend to find a carry that works, robins hip carry for example, then stick with it which is how I ended up stuck in a rut & doing this challenge. I had absolutely no idea where to start so off I went to YouTube & found another of Rosie of the Sheffield Sling Surgery‘s tutorials…

This carry needs a size 4 so I decided to make the most of the holidaying Girasol amitola I used for yesterday’s carry seen as it’s such a lovely wrap.

Onto the carry. I’m really not a fan of this one. We’ve had a few goes at it today & photographed the best attempt.


I really struggled to get this one right. It started off ok. I pinned the pass coming over my shoulder between my legs, got G a good seat & that’s where the problems started. I found it difficult to keep the tension & bring the pass back around G’s back, then trying to get the pass from being pinned between my legs to behind me into a knot felt really clumsy.

Once I’d got everything I tight as I could manage, it actually felt like quite a comfortable carry. It could definitely be tighter but I think that’ll come with practice & probably make it even more comfortable. I think it’s quite an attractive carry & some people may find the waist belt gives them better support with it being a one-shouldered carry. I’m determined I’ll master this one as I don’t like to give up & decide I don’t like something before I’ve got it right & given it a fair go.

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