COTD Day 17: Robins

Robins hip carry is a carry I’ve done previously & I do use it quite regularly. It uses a size 4 wrap & the wrap I’ve used today is one I have borrowed from a friend. It is a Girasol Amitola with a navy weft which is 100% cotton. I’ve borrowed this wrap in the past & I do have a bit of a soft spot for Girasol rainbows, I think they wrap nicely as well as washing & drying easily which I find important with a wrap I’m going to use regularly with a little one. The stripes also make it easy to distinguish between rails.

The tutorial I have used in the past is another by Rosie from the Sheffield Sling Surgery

One thing I like about this carry is that, to some extent, it is a poppable carry & requires little adjustment once you’ve put baby into it. I can take G out, put him into his car seat & get into the car without having to completely take the wrap off, then I can put him straight back in with the only adjustments being a little tightening & retying the knot.

G seems to like it because he can see what’s happening around us but can snuggle into me when he feels the need to get away from everything. He’s fallen asleep on many an occasions when he’s snuggled on my hip.


The biggest thing I struggle with is keeping the loop that the seat pass slides through from slipping downwards, away from my shoulder. The closer it is to my shoulder, the more comfortable the carry tends to be. The best way, that I’ve found, to stop it slipping is to keep hold of the pass that comes from behind your back whilst you adjust the seat pass & feed as much slack forward as you can, feeding it through the loop as opposed to just pulling.

This is a carry which I will continue to do regularly I think as it’s good for when G is being too nosey for a front carry such as a kangaroo but doesn’t fancy being in my back either. It’s quick to do & comfortable which both make for a happy baby & happy mummy!


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