COTD Day 16: FCC

Today’s carry is the FCC, the front cross carry. This is yet another carry I have never tried. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are a whole lot of carries out there to be learnt & that’s something that quite excites me as I’m a bit of an eternal student who never wants to stops learning! YouTube is an amazing resource for learning to wrap as there are so many different tutorials on there & this is the one I watched for today’s carry…

That said, in my opinion, nothing compares to the help & support of a consult or workshop with a trained consultant. I’ve done a number of workshops with Rosie of Sheffield Sling Surgery & have learnt far more than I ever could from watching YouTube. It’s the little tips & tweaks that you learn, having someone watch you wrap & give you advice on how to adjust your wrapping for the better that is a really valuable investment.

Today’s wrap of choice is a size 5, Oscha Okinami Skye which is 100% cotton. It is one of our favourite wraps. The Okinami pattern is one we both love, this one wraps beautifully as well as being supportive & the colour is a beautifully vibrant blue. I was initially surprised at how long a wrap I needed to do this carry, you can see from the pictures I don’t have a great deal of excess fabric left over. Thinking more about the structure of the carry, it makes more sense to me as to why I need the length that I do!

One negative thing I found is that it’s not a great carry for babies who want to be arms out, which could be a problem if G isn’t in the mood for being completely arms & shoulders in, as if you open the passes enough to get their arms or shoulders out I don’t think it would feel safe enough in case they leaned back. The main difference between this & a FWCC is that this carry is missing the horizontal pass which would help keep baby secure so you could bunch the cross passes to allow baby to be arms out.

One of the things I found interesting about doing this carry that I learnt from the YouTube video I watched, was folding the wrap in half prior to wrapping & then opening out the cross passes in front to sit G into. I found it made the wrap sit really flat to my back & spread the weight really well & made it nice & supportive, although it takes a bit of juggling to keep it evenly folded whilst you’re wrapping.

I also found that you probably don’t need the passes to be as loose as you think before you put baby into the wrap. Much the same as with a ring sling, you can probably get the passes as tight as you think they need to be & then tighten a little more!

Overall, it is a nice comfortable carry. It takes a bit of getting used to, wrapping with a folded wrap, but I think I will more than likely repeat this carry in the future.


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