Day 15 & it’s the FWCC, front wrap cross carry. This is back to the beginning for me at this is the first carry I ever learnt, the first carry I ever showed my husband & probably the front carry he does most often, especially as he can eeek it out of our kokadi diorite stars 4 (although finds the top rail works loose as it isn’t tied in to the knot) & he struggles with a kangaroo.

The wrap I used is Ela im Sonnenland by Kokadi which is a 100% cotton & a size 6. This was one of the first wraps we owned & it’s in our wedding colours so it’s quite a special one for us.

This is a nice carry for both a newborn or a bigger child. The tutorial I’ve used shows the carry being done with a toddler but there is another here showing a slight variation with a small baby…

One thing I like about the carry is that you put the wrap on to some extent before you put baby in & then tighten the carry around them. Although it’s not strictly a poppable carry, you can pre-wrap to a certain extent.

I find I have to pay attention when I’m tightening this carry otherwise it can sometimes pinch under my arms or pull on my shoulders if I over-tighten but I find if I don’t get the carry tight enough, particularly the top rail, it can become quite uncomfortable as G is able to lean away from me which can then cause the weight to pull on my shoulders.

Sometimes I find it helps to spread the shoulder straps right off the shoulders & then fold them back onto the shoulders as this can help prevent them from becoming diggy. Also by making sure the passes are well spread across the back, the weight can be evenly distributed so there is less chance of it pulling on the neck & shoulders.

I’ve photographed the carry with the cross passes both bunched & spread. We more often carry with the passes bunched now that G is bigger but we sometimes spread them when he falls asleep or wants to hide away, sometimes we spread both or sometimes just one. Spreading the passes can help add additional support to the carry & can add an extra layer of warmth to a carry which is good if it’s cold. You can always spread & unspread the passes as you want to, you don’t have to completely redo the carry to switch between.


The FWCC is a simple, nicely supportive & comfortable carry if done well, even with a heavier baby. Even with our 21lb, almost one year old (eeeekkk!) it is still comfortable & we use this carry regularly.

Passes spread.

Passes spread.

Passes bunched

Passes bunched.

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