COTD Day 14: Kangaroo

And today it’s a return to the front carries with the kangaroo carry. So far in the challenge we’ve only seen one front carry, the half-FWCC on day 7 & I wasn’t a fan of it, so it’s good to do another front carry, especially another one with a shorter wrap as one of my biggest worries when I started using shorties (anything a size 4 & below) was that I would struggle to do front carries & sometimes there’s nothing nicer than slingy cuddles in a front carry!

There are tutorials a plenty for this carry but this is the one closest to how I wrap. The main difference is that I struggle to flip the shoulders & keep hold of G at the same time so I tend to pull the bottom rail up, keeping it closest to me, before sitting G in the seat, effectively flipping the shoulders by flipping the seat (really hard to explain so I may have to bite the bullet & make a video!).

Today’s wrap is my size 3, Oscha Okinami Sia (wild silk/cotton blend) which is the same wrap I used on day 4. I tied under bum when I did this carry but some people prefer to cross under the legs & tie behind, for that I’d need a size 4 so it depends on what you have to hand & your preference. Rob isn’t a fan of tying under bum as he doesn’t find it feels secure so would be more likely to use a longer wrap & tie behind.

The first few times I tried this carry, I wasn’t a fan. I struggled to get it tight, I struggled to flip the shoulders, I just struggled with the whole thing. But once I learnt about flipping the seat as I mentioned earlier, I developed a new found love for the kangaroo carry!

It’s a single pass carry, so good in the summer as there is only one layer of fabric over the little ones back, it’s basically a ruck on the front. There is definitely a knack to getting this carry comfortable, I find that I use my shoulder to get the passes to move into place but once I get it adjusted & tight it is a really comfortable carry, even with my 21lb little boy.

This carry is probably my favourite front carry that I’ve tried so far with a shorty as it’s comfortable, secure & simple to do. It’s already a carry I use regularly & I have no doubt it’ll continue to be one I use for some time to come.


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2 Responses to COTD Day 14: Kangaroo

  1. Dannielle says:

    I struggle to get the top rail tight – even tightening strand by strand, I feel like I am pulling too much of the bottom rail out and compromising the seat. Any suggestions?

    • Amy says:

      Have you tried feeding some of the top rail across (taking it behind the bottom rail that is coming over your shoulder, so effectively moving the slack from the front, in the direction it needs to be going) then wiggling your shoulder to help move & tighten the fabric?

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