COTD Day 13: JBC

JBC, Jordan’s back carry, is yet another new carry for me. I did wonder if it was the EJBC with a different name but, having watched tutorials, I discovered they are two slightly different carries. This was the tutorial I followed for the JBC…

The wrap I used is a travelling Woven Wings tester, the leaf gold geo which is a blend of 73% Egyptian cotton & 27% merino wool. I’m not going to say any more about the wrap though as I’m mid way through writing a review on it!

My first attempt at the carry was done at the first Sheffield Slings Playtime meet of 2014. This is one of our busiest meets & I was on hand to help other parents out with slingy questions they might have so it was good to be able to put G in a solid back carry so he could see what was happening around us & I was able to help out as needed because he could potentially be up there for a couple of hours.

The wrap I used is a size 6 so you can see I had rather swishy tails but they came in handy as plenty of people wanted to feel the travelling wrap! I could definitely have got away with a size 5 for this one, I think a size 4 would probably have been too short.

G clearly found the carry comfortable as he fell asleep in it within about 10 minutes & stayed asleep for about an hour! I found the carry really comfortable. No problems with digging, supportive & he didn’t sag at all. I didn’t even have problems with the straps slipping off my shoulders! I managed to get him nice & high on my back which meant that before he fell asleep & after he woke up he was able to see over my shoulder which tends to make for a happier G when he’s being carried & I quite like being able to turn around to see his little face behind me!


The second time I did the carry was for a walk to the shops later on. I used the same wrap but decided to use a Tibetan finish in order to use up some of the extra length. I didn’t manage to get him quite as high on my back but I do tend to struggle sometimes when I’m wearing my coat. I found it just as supportive & comfortable as I did earlier, I didn’t feel that tying Tibetan added anything in terms of comfort or support which is unusual as I normally prefer a finish which help prevent straps from slipping off the shoulders.


This is a carry I really liked but, being a fan of the EJBC, it didn’t really surprise me! It’s a good, supportive carry & was secure, even when G decided to have a bit of a bounce in the shops! It’s a carry I’m sure I’ll be repeating in the future.

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