COTD Day 12: BWCC w/sweetheart

BWCC w/sweetheart, back wrap cross carry with sweetheart neckline, is not a carry I’d done before. I’ve seen pictures before & thought the sweetheart neckline is an attractive finish but never actually looked at how to do it. Until now. This challenge has been amazing for making me step out of my comfort zone & try new things. This was the tutorial I watched to get me started…

The wrap of the day is an Oscha Starry Night Shona in a size 7 which is a blend of 50% cotton & 50% hemp. A wonderful wrap, despite not being fully broken in. The pattern gives it a lovely, even amount of grippiness whilst the hemp makes it nice & supportive.

The thing I found most unusual with this carry was having to bring both tails under my arms once I’d got G on my back & his seat in place. It was completely new & I found it a little difficult to wrap as upright as I normally would which impacted on the tension in the finished wrap job, making it slightly looser than I’d have liked, particularly in the chest passes. I also found tying under bum a little difficult but that could have been more down to the trip to gym just beforehand!

Once I’d got the cross passes in place I found it much easier to tighten, although looking at the pictures I could have tightened further & smoothed out the passes a little more.

Overall, it was a solid carry with very little digging in the shoulders or sagging, despite the loose wrap job. I think the fact that the tails come under the arms before coming back up & over the shoulders helps reduce the potential for the carry getting diggy on the shoulders.

The only thing that would put me off using this carry more often is that fact I used a size 7 wrap. I’d probably be more inclined to do the carry when the weather gets better as there’s less potential for soggy tails!


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