SBCC, short back cross carry is today’s challenge carry & I’m using a size 3, Didymos Cleo which is 100% cotton. Another wrap which isn’t mine, it’s part of the demo library from Sheffield Slings & a lovely, happy wrap which makes me smile every time I wrap with it.

The carry is one we learnt at a shorty workshop with Rosie at the Sheffield Sling Surgery. I could have got away with using a size 2 as shown in Rosie’s tutorial on the YouTube channel for the Sling Surgery so to use the excess length I finished with a candycane chest belt as opposed to the knotless finish in the tutorial.

One thing I liked about this carry is that it has 2 cross passes which means it can be a good carry for leg straighteners as it is more difficult to pop the seat. But not necessarily so good for those with wrappees who like to lean back, as with enough force or wriggling I would imagine it could be possibly to part the passes, particularly with a more slippy wrap.

I did find it difficult to get G quite high on my back but that may have been partly down to us both wearing our coats. It’s also not my favourite carry to do in public as I find getting the pass from under G’s leg & back over my shoulder difficult to do sometimes without taking someone’s eye out!

The knotless finish in the YouTube tutorial & the candycane chestbelt that I finished with are both finishes I like as they help to prevent the straps from slipping off the shoulders but if you were struggling for length you could always tie at the side/shoulder.

Overall, I think it’s a comfortable carry & one I found easy to get, and keep, a good seat with. I just think I need a little bit more practice to do without tails flying all over the place!


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