DHTAS, double hammock tied at side/shoulder is the carry for day 10 of the challenge. Another new one for me but having done the knotless DH yesterday I had a good idea what I was doing so went for it without a tutorial!

There are a variety of different tutorials on YouTube; some using a size 5 & starting with the middle marker on babies back & others using a size 4 but starting off centre so I guess it depends what wrap you have to hand & what your preference is. The closest tutorial I could find to how I wrapped was this one although I started with the wrap off centre before I put G on my back as I feel more comfortable being able to keep the top rail tight once he is on my back. For the tutorial with the size 5 starting centrally, this one by Vicky Galvin & this one by BabywearingFaith are probably my favourites.

I used a size 4, Didymos natural hemp indio which has had a custom grad dye by the very talented Lindsay of Dye Candy. Unfortunately it doesn’t belong to me, it belongs a good friend who’s wonderful husband surprised her with it on Christmas morning! The wrap was brand new when it was dyed & still requires some breaking in but it was a treat to wrap with.

Back to the matter in hand, the DHTAS. It could have been partly down to the wrap, partly down to me having a good wrap day but this carry was rock solid, it didn’t budge an inch, even galloping around the play centre with G!


The only downside was that I struggled to tie the knot. Partly because I only had minimal length to tie with, partly because the wrap is still in need of some breaking in.

I was really pleased with it & it was really comfy. G was nice & high, despite being arms out he still felt really safe & secure. Multiple passes & a really supportive wrap meant it was a supportive, comfy carry & with the chest pass the weight was spread so it wasn’t all on the shoulders. And a good seat, combined with the rope/bunched pass under the legs, meant no issues with leg-straightening.

Overall, this was a fab carry & an amazing wrap to wrap with, fingers crossed I get to play with it again sometime!

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