COTD Day 9: Knotless DH

Today’s carry of the day is the knotless DH (double hammock). It’s not a carry I’d done before but I had a rough idea & watched a tutorial just to make sure.

I used a size 5, Oscha Liberty Maya which is 40% wool & 60% cotton. This wrap is on holiday from my friend Rosie of the Sheffield Sling Surgery. It is the most beautiful shade of green & not at all itchy which surprised me as I’m not normally a fan of wool. I’m not sure we’ve ever had as many compliments on a wrap as we have when we’ve worn this one. Both me & my husband have had compliments when we’ve been wearing G in this one!

Onto the carry, the knotless DH. Having never done this one before, I had a couple of attempts at at it. This was attempt one…


You can see in the front-on view that I barely had any tail on the left hand side, which made the knotless finish quite difficult to do, although I did manage to a 20 minute walk to & from the shops before it came undone.

I had another go once we’d got home & got enough to do the knotless finish securely but still didn’t have even tails as you can see.


The chestbelt spreads some of the weight nicely & the knotless finish helps to keep the shoulder straps from slipping off which is one of my pet hates! The rope/gathered pass helps keep the seat in place & reduces the risk of it being popped.

Overall, once securely finished, it’s a good, supportive carry which is nice & comfortable, one which I will probably repeat in the future but its just going to take a bit more practice to get the tails even.

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