COTD Day 8: Shepherds

Day 8 & the Shepherds carry. This is a carry I was shown by the lovely Rosie of the Sheffield Sling Surgery & I’ve also watched this tutorial as a refresher…

This was one of the first carries I learnt to do with a size 4 & I learnt it at one of the Sheffield Slings Playtime in the Park meets last summer.

First shepherds carry with a little G in the park :)

First shepherds carry with a little G in the park 🙂

For this I used my Kokadi Diorite Stars, size 4 which is 100% cotton. I could probably get away with using a size 3 but I quite like swishy tails & the fact I don’t need to be really precise with my wrapping as the extra length is a little more forgiving.

Another multiple-pass back carry so another good, supportive carry, even with a quite thin, 100% cotton wrap. For some reason, that I can’t quite put my finger on, I really love this carry. And even though it has no leg passes, I don’t seem to have any problems with G popping the seat.

I find it so comfy & really easy to get G into. It has a chest pass to help spread the weight & is finished with a slipknot meaning it is easy to adjust & tighten. It is quite possibly one of my favourite carries so far!


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