COTD Day 7: Half-FWCC

Half-FWCC, the half-front-wrap-cross-carry, is today’s carry of the day. The first obstacle I hit was finding a tutorial & deciding whether a semi-FWCC is the same as the half-FWCC which, after watching a variety of tutorials & examining pictures on BWFSOT, I concluded it isn’t & I decided to use this tutorial as my guide…

I used a size 4, Firespiral Silver Twilight Linen Starmap which is 50% italian linen & 50% combed cotton. It is a wonderfully soft wrap which I find an absolute pleasure to wrap with. It is lovely & supportive yet not diggy which is something which I was worried about as it was my first linen wrap but I think the combination of the combed cotton with the linen gives the wrap strength but cushiness at the same time making it one of my favourite wraps to use.

Enough of my gushing about how wonderful the wrap is, what about the carry? I may have been having a bad day but I found this one a difficult one to get just right.I got the wrap on, got G into the seat & the set about tightening everything up which all went well. What I struggled with was getting the diagonal pass spread around G, whilst creating a seat with it & then gathering it all back together to create the slip-knot. You can see in one of the pictures that the diagonal pass hasn’t provided much of a seat at all.

It doesn’t have the tie around the waist that a regular FWCC has so is lacking that additional level of support but it is nice to find another front carry which can be done with a shorter wrap & it is quite comfortable, probably more so if you can get the carry right!


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