Today’s carry is the DHDR, double hammock double rings. This is one that I’d done as part of a workshop with Rosie of the Sheffield Sling Surgery so I had a vague recollection of how to do it but just to refresh my memory I watched this tutorial that I found via Rucking Marvellous

I used a size 4, Didymos Flamenco Hemp Indio (FHI V2) which is a blend of 60% cotton with 40% hemp. I could have got away with using a 3 for this carry, you can see in the photos I have more than enough extra fabric to mean using a smaller size wouldn’t be a problem.

The DHDR is another multiple-pass carry, however it does not have leg passes so not necessarily ideal for those with wrapees who have a tedency to straighten their legs. The multiple passes, chest-belt & supportive wrap made for a good, comfortable carry with no digging on the shoulders or neck. I found it easy to spread the shoulders as the rings kept the straps in place securely so I think this added to the comfort of the carry. Because I wrapped over my coat, I didn’t really have any problems with the rings digging into my chest although I was conscious they were there. The rings can be moved along the chest-belt to adjust the postition of the straps which is good but I found they made it difficult to spread the chest-belt regardless of where they were positioned. It can be a bit fiddly to get the rings in place sometimes although it might have been easier with a shorter wrap as there wouldn’t have been as much fabric to try & get through the rings.

I do like multiple-pass carries as I find them supportive with G & I find he doesn’t often pop the seat of a double hammock (or variations of it) very often if I do a good job of getting the seat in place & wrapping in the beginning, regardless of if they have leg passes or not. The DHDR is really comfortable, although the fact I prefer to spread the chest pass & the potential of the rings becoming uncomfortable if not in the right place means I would probably be less likely to do this carry over others.


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