COTD Day 5: Mermaid

Day 5 & another new carry, the mermaid carry. I had no idea what this carry even was so I popped over to Rucking Marvellous & had a nosey at this tutorial I found linked in tutorial corner…

I used a size 7, Girasol Northern Lights wrap which is 100% cotton & was one of our first wraps. I decided to use this wrap as I thought the different coloured rails might be helpful with what appeared to be quite a complex carry. It also uses a single sling ring.

I watched the tutorial a couple of times before I had a go myself, just to be sure I wasn’t going to get stuck half way through! The first problem I had was keeping the tension whilst getting the wrap through the sling ring, I felt like I need an extra set of hands. Maybe its because I was using a size 7 but I think it would be just a difficult with a size 6 which is probably the shortest size I would be able to do this carry with. If I’m honest, I found it quite difficult to keep tension for most of this carry & I think this shows in the photographs of the finished result.


For some reason my knot ended up off to one side & I had one tail which was much longer than the other, possibly due to all the wiggling trying to keep tension & keep the ring central, so I pulled it around to the front & tucked it in so it wasn’t swinging around behind me. I think if I’d managed to keep the tension & do a solid job of the carry then it could be quite an attractive carry although I’m not sure how flattering it would be on my chest or how comfortable it would be to have the ring in the middle of my chest for a long period of time.

I didn’t find this carry particularly comfortable or uncomfortable, I think I found it more of a faff than anything else & difficult to get a nice, solid carry. I don’t think this is a carry I’ll be in a hurry to repeat, I would much rather do a double hammock (DH) or an ellevill jordans back carry (EJBC) if I’m doing a back carry with a longer wrap as I find them much easier, more solid & more comfortable.

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