Today’s carry is the RRRR, the reinforced rear rebozo rucksack, also known as the pirate carry.

For this I used my size 3, Oscha Okinami Sia which is a blend of 25% wild silk & 75% cotton. It is lovely & soft, really lovely to wrap with & nicely supportive.

This was a new carry for me. I’d seen pictures of it but I’d never given it a go so off I went to google & I found this photo tutorial. This was the resulting carry.


RRRR: Version 1

For some reason I found it quite difficult to get the second pass over G’s back, maybe I was having a bad wrapping day as I didn’t seem to struggle with it on day two with the half-JBC which is a very similar carry to the one from the photo tutorial. As I had enough extra length, I finished the carry with a candycane (CC) chestbelt which helps keep the straps from slipping off the shoulders which is something I struggle with if I just finish with a slipknot or tied at the side.

One of the difficulties I’ve found since I’ve been learning to wrap is that there are slight variations for carries with the same name. This video tutorial shows a slightly different version of the RRRR.

I found this version a little easier to do as it didn’t involve the wrap being flipped from under the arm & back over G’s back. I think I’d be more likely to do this version in public as there’s less chance of me having someone’s eye out with flying tails! As with the first version, I finished with a CC-chestbelt to help keep the straps on the shoulders.


RRRR: Version 2

You can see the biggest difference between the two versions is how the reinforcing pass goes over G’s back. With the second version, on the right in the image below, the pass is horizontally across the back as opposed to going diagonally from the shoulder to the opposite hip.


I think the photo tutorial is more true to the RRRR name as the initial pass is a ruck pass & the reinforcing pass is a rebozo pass whereas in the video there is no rebozo pass used. This link is a great page which explains about different terminology used when wrapping. It might help make sense of some of the wrap names or descriptions when someone is explaining a carry.

There isn’t much difference in terms of comfort or support between either version of the RRRR carry so I think it’s down to personal preference which ever you prefer. It’s a comfortable, supportive carry but not a great one if you have a leg straightener as a wrapee as there are no leg passes. If you need something with leg passes then something such as a short back cross carry (SBCC) might be a better option.

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