COTD Day 3: Ruck

Day 3 & today’s carry is the simple ruck. It’s a single pass carry so good in warmer weather & good as a really quick ‘up’.

I used the same size 2, custom grad dyed (by Dye Candy), Didymos indio as I used in the photos for day one. It’s quite a thin wrap so if I don’t get a ruck just right with it then I find it can get a little ‘diggy’ after a while.

I most often use a ruck when G is only going to be up for a short space of time. I tied this one in front but I was tying in the very tapers of the wrap. Here’s one of the tutorials I’ve watched for a ruck tied in front…

As a quick ‘up’ I find a ruck a great carry but for longer duration carries, there are carries I find more supportive & comfortable that are possible to do with a size 2. That said, maybe with a cushier wrap my shoulders might not be so picky! If you’re struggling to tie in front when doing a ruck with a size 2, you may prefer tying under bum, at the side or even a knotless finish.

Ruck Tied In Front (just!)

Of all the ways to finish a ruck with a size 2 or 3, I find the knotless finish most comfortable & secure. I think it’s because the knotless finish spreads some of the weight across the chest & it also keeps the straps on the shoulders but that’s another carry for another day! Just in case you fancy trying the knotless finish, here’s my favourite tutorial…

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