COTD Day 2: Half-JBC

Day 2, another carry & today it is the half-JBC (half jordan’s back carry). This one was a new one for me. I’ve done EJBC (ellevill jordan’s back carry) but I’d never heard of this one before now. Its difficult because carries can often be known by different names by different people so off to you tube I went & found this tutorial…

I used a size 4 Kokadi Diorite Stars, which is a 100% cotton wrap, but I could have got away with using a size 3.

It is a multiple-pass carry, the same as yesterday, but this one has ‘straps’ over both shoulders as opposed to being a one-shouldered carry so some may prefer it for that reason. It comprises of a hammock pass one way over baby’s back, followed by a cross pass the opposite way which sometimes means you find baby ends up lop-sided as only one leg has a pass going underneath it.

I found it a comfortable, supportive carry, especially as I finished it with a candy-cane (CC) chestbelt. I think a knotless finish would give the same sort of added comfort as the CC-chestbelt & I think I could have done both finishes with a size 3 as I did have one quite long tail left when I’d finished!

For those children who have a tendency to lean back when they’re are being carried this may not be the best carry as I would imagine the passes could separate with a child who is determined enough to escape!

Although it is a comfortable carry, I think I prefer the short back cross carry (SBCC) which is very similar & can also be done with a size 3 wrap, as it has passes under both legs which is good for my little leg-straightener!

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