REVIEW: Joy & Joe Baby Travelling Blackberry Ripple Wrap

Since my last post, I have been invited to become part of the admin team for Sheffield Slings & as part of my role I’ve been lucky enough to be able to host a travelling wrap from the lovely Joy & Joe Baby.


It arrived all wrapped up in a lovely, sunshine yellow, fabric bag along with an instruction manual. I’m not sure how much work the wrap had had in terms of ‘breaking in’ but it was nice & soft right out of the bag. It is 100% organic cotton. It was lovely & blankety, medium-thickness, not as thick as some of my wraps such as FHI but thicker than something like my Girasol Northern Lights. I imagine it is what the older Girasol wraps must be like as I’ve heard they are thicker & more blankety than more recent ones. It doesn’t feel too delicate or refined, it feels very much like a workhorse wrap, something I wouldn’t be too precious to let the children play with or to use as a blanket & sit on at the park or the beach. All of these are good things as these tend to add up to being characteristics of well-loved & well-used wraps!

My wrappee is G who is 10mths old (& couple of weeks) & was about 21lbs at last weigh in. The first thing I noticed when I started to wrap with it was how wide the wrap was. Wide enough to make me get my tape measure out & find out it is 78cm. I forgot to take comparison pictures but heres how it stacks up in terms of measurements;

  • Joy & Joe Blackberry Ripple – 78cm
  • Kokadi Diorite Stars – 72cm
  • Girasol Northern Lights – 71cm
  • Oscha Okinami Zen – 69cm
  • Didymos FHI – 68cm
  • Firespiral Starmap – 67cm
  • Didymos Slate Silk Indio – 62cm

I loved the extra width, it helped to make it easier to get a good seat in a back carry & I imagine it would make the wrap brilliant to use with bigger children. It has a simple, flat weave but it had a good amount of grip. Not too grippy that its difficult to wrap with but not too slippy that it can drop or sag & once wrapped, it felt supportive & sturdy with a little bit of bounce.

I’ve really enjoyed testing the Joy & Joe Blackberry Ripple & look forward to testing more Joy & Joe Baby wraps in the future!

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