COTD Day 1: DH Rebozo

So. It’s day one, carry one & it’s the DH Rebozo (double hammock rebozo). This is one I’ve tried before & really liked but G wasn’t being particularly cooperative today so I’ve used an older picture as I didn’t get any decent pictures of this one.

I used a size 2 Didymos Slate Silk Indio which has had a custom grad dye done by the amazing Lindsay of Dye Candy.

I was skeptical as to how much use I’d get from a size 2, especially as G gets bigger but once you spend a bit more time learning what to do with a shorty then they’re pretty versatile wraps to have & make wonderful scarves when they’re not carrying a little one! I had a workshop around learning to use a shorty with Rosie at the Sheffield Sling Surgery which proved to be a valuable investment as I learnt a wealth of new ways to use my shorties.

Back to today’s carry, DH rebozo. I have found you tube tutorials quite helpful when learning new carries & this is my favourite for todays carry…

It is a one-shouldered carry so might not suit everyone but I found it surprisingly comfortable for much longer than I expected which I put down to it being a multiple-pass carry as opposed to a single-pass carry such as a ruck. I also found the chest pass relieved some of the stress from my shoulders which have a tendency to be quite picky at times & the multiple passes meant it felt nicely supportive too.

It has no passes under the leg, so possibly not the best suited to those with leg-straighteners as they could possibly pop the seat with some effort.

The second pass over the back does not come over the wearers shoulder as with the regular double hammock, it goes under the arm so it can end up feeling a little lop-sided if the child is a leaner which I found after a while of wearing G is this carry.

Overall, I think DH rebozo is a great carry. It’s comfortable, supportive & one which I’ll be using again.

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