The end of paternity leave & the first 2 months…

During the first 2 weeks, I was able to do my best to recover from the birth whilst enjoying the time I had at home with both my favourite men seen as Rob was at home full time on paternity leave but he went back to work on 27th February when George was 16 days old. That was certainly a shock to the system! Not one for taking things easy, my first day involved an appointment for me at the hospital which meant I had to get us both out of the house & to the appointment on time! Perhaps not my brightest idea for my first day at home after Rob going back to work but I managed it & I had to feed George whilst I was there seen as the clinic was runnning late as per usual. I managed to get lunch & I even had to change my first nappies seen as Rob had done them all whilst he’d been off!

Waiting for Daddy to come home after his first day back at work.

Waiting for Daddy to come home after his first day back at work.

I spent the rest of the week having friends come to visit & pottering about at home, which pretty much translates as snuggling with my baby boy 🙂 Although I didn’t find it easy to follow peoples recommendation of ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’, I did make the most of snuggling with him as opposed to putting him in his cot to sleep during the day!

Cake with friends :)

Cake with friends 🙂

The following week I had another visit from the breastfeeding support worker, Kirsten. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that breastfeeding wasn’t easy to begin with. To be honest, it definitely takes some practice to get right & the support I got from her was invaluable. I said to her that I knew it was going to be a sensation that could take some getting used to but there were times when it was quite painful & it was common for me to end up with a mis-shapen nipple. Kirsten had a look at Georges latch when he was feeding & it appeared that he was using his lower jaw as opposed to his tongue to feed which I why it was painful & my nipple was ending up mis-shapen. We’d been told by the midwife at hospital that George had a slight tongue-tie but when the consultant was brought to come to look at it he said that he didn’t feel it was significant enough to do anything about & shouldn’t cause us any problems. When I mentioned the tongue-tie she said that was probably what was causing the problem & she could refer us to have it cut. The thought of putting our little boy through surgery, however minor, scared me shitless but she explained the process & we agreed to have the appointment. Expecting the appointment to take a couple of weeks, I was really surprised to get a call the following day asking us to come in on the Thursday!

We headed to Sheffield Childrens Hospital leaving ourselves around 45mins to get parked as we’d been warned that it would be difficult & they weren’t kidding. We drove round & round, it got to 5mins before the appointment & I had to take George up to the clinic leaving Rob to park the car. I figured the clinic would be running behind anyway but I was called to see the consultant & Rob was still stuck with the car. I was so nervous. George was still asleep so I was worried he’d end up with nightmares if we woke him up so abrubtly! The consultant had a look at the tongue-tie, asked about what problems it was causing (so I explained about painful feeding etc), then said ‘right, we’ll get that sorted’ & proceeded to get the kit (basically a sterile pair of scissors from what I recall!) & a blanket. We swaddled George (still asleep at this point), I laid him on my knee with his head furthest away from me & then apologised for being a big softy but I wasn’t going to be able to watch him do it. I looked away, heard a little whimper from George & then he said ‘all done’. Apparently George only whimpered when the consultant put two fingers in his mouth to move his tongue, he wasn’t at all bothered by having it cut. We were asked to sit in the waiting room again for 5mins, called back in for him to have a look to check it wasn’t bleeding too much & then that was that. Rob was gutted he’d been stuck trying to get the car parked as he’d really wanted to be there to support me but I’m so proud I managed to get through it & George slept right through it all. Apparently its a slightly bigger deal if they get a bit older but in the very early days it really is such a simple procedure that made such a massive difference to our feeding, no more mis-shapen nipples! We spent the rest of the afternoon pottering about as a family & having a Starbucks (other coffee chains are available!) but seeing the difference it made to George immediately was wonderful although I’ve never seen so much dribble, it was like he’d all of a sudden discovered his tongue & was fascinated by the fact he could get it out of his mouth!

Dribbly, but happy, boy after having his tongue-tie cut :)

Dribbly, but happy, boy after having his tongue-tie cut 🙂

The next big thing that happened was our first night out without George! When he was about 5 1/2 weeks old I had a work event we’d been invited to, an awards dinner. It took a while for me to convince myself I’d be ok with leaving him because the dinner was in Nottingham, about an hour away from home. I made a decision which some may think is quite unconventional (especially considering she doesn’t have children!) but I decided to leave George with one of my best friends Eve. She lived 10 minutes away from the venue meaning I could be there in minutes if I needed to, it meant we didn’t have to upset family by one being chosen over the other & George loves his Aunty Eve to bits. The do wasn’t great, neither was the food but I was proud of myself I’d managed to go out without having a complete meltdown. The hardest part was when I left him, I did feel myself welling up but George gave me a massive smile so I made a break for it whilst he was happy! I think I’d probably have found it more difficult to leave him if he’d been upset but I was reassured by the text I got whilst I was out telling me he fell asleep on her chest & pretty much didn’t move all night, the picture shows quite how snuggled he was!

George & Aunty Eve snuggles.

George & Aunty Eve snuggles.

I think that’s everything memorable that happened in those first 2 months after having George. I think I was probably still in a ‘new mummy haze’ but it was a pretty amazing couple of months!


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