Me, my life & my little family…a whistlestop tour!

This post is pretty much a whistlestop tour to introduce me, my life & my little family. I’m the eldest child of a 6-child family (I have 2 brothers, a step-sister & 2 half-sisters), my parents are divorced & both remarried. I met my other half, Rob, 12 years & a bit years ago whilst we were on a trip working away with college. I’ll not bore you with all the details but we’ve been nigh on inseperable since & have officially been a couple since 25th June 2001 🙂

The baby-faced beginning.

We’ve been through a lot, as you would expect for a couple who’ve been together as long as we have, things like my mum moving to the UAE, me going to university, buying our own home, a number of significant bereavements, travelling a little, introducing 3 cats into our family (not all at the same time!), getting married, trying to conceive & having a baby.

One of the biggest things we’ve been through as a couple was in 2007 when I decided that I was going to face-up to something I’d been avoiding for a long time, the fact I’d been struggling with symptoms of depression since my early teens. With the help & support of Rob, I went to my GP & I’ve had a number of treatments including a number of different antidepressants, appointments with a CPN & exercise referral (I’ve done this on more than one occasion & I’d recommend it over both the other things I’ve tried). I finally finished taking medication in March 2011 (I wanted to be free of medication before I got pregnant) & haven’t looked back since 🙂

The most important thing about everything is that we’ve done it all together & I couldn’t imagine having got through any of it without Rob by my side.

Rob & I got married on 25th June 2011 after he proposed on 30th December 2006, having done the brave thing of asking my Dad for his daughters hand in marriage (I’m a Daddy’s girl & it means the world that he did this!). It was an amazing day & we loved every minute of it. Yes, maybe, if we look back too closely there might be things we’d change about that day but the one thing I would never change is the man I met at the altar. He makes me smile when noone else can. He makes me feel like I’m the only woman in the world. I love everything about him. The good, the bad, everything & I wouldn’t change a bit of him.

One of my favourite moments from our big day.

One of my favourite moments from our big day.

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