The dreaded first post…

Well, here I am. I’ve finally bitten the bullet & signed up for a blog after a little encouragement from my wonderful, close friend who you can find over at her very own blog, A Personal Challenge Of The Baking Variety, which tells the story of her mammoth mission to bake her way through the Hummingbird Bakery cookbooks!

Anyways. Back to the matter in hand. This blog. Me. And my little family. The plan was that I’d document my pregnancy as it happened & continue to blog about my efforts to be a fabulous mummy whilst trying to maintain some semblance of my life prior to motherhood once the little person had arrived. But as with many things that plan quite clearly didn’t happen, given that I’m sat here with aforementioned little person burbling away on my knee, I never managed to get started with blogging…until now & I’m already playing catch-up, so lets get started!



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1 Response to The dreaded first post…

  1. Congratulations on your little person! Looking forward to following! 🙂

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